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College Credit Program at Westbrook High School in Westbrook, Connecticut, Expands

Allows Students to Earn College Credit While Attending High School

Earn Colegge creditWESTBROOK – Juniors and seniors at Westbrook High School are able to get a jumpstart into college thanks to the school’s early college experience program.
In its 10th year, the program has expanded to include Spanish in addition to five other classes which include English, Calculus, Physics, French, and Individual in Family Development.

The later of the courses is offered through the school’s Family Consumer Sciences Program which was formerly known as the Home Economics program.

This year, Principal Robert Hale said over 60 students enrolled in the program allowing them to be concurrently enrolled at both Westbrook High School and the University of Connecticut, UCONN.

In previous years, Hale said, the program has averaged between 25 and 30 students each year.

Hale said teachers at the high school who teach these courses have been approved by UCONN and grades assigned to students count toward their education at Westbrook High School and at UCONN.

Some of the courses are semester-long courses while others take a full year to complete.

There is no maximum number of college credits a student could earn through the program but some of the courses are taught on the same days and times.
Hale said students earn between three and four college credits per course.

The college credit can be used by students bound for UCONN after they graduate Westbrook High School or can be transferred to other colleges and universities.

In order to receive the grade and credit, a student is required to earn a C+ or better in the course.

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